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For the first time in 35 years you can hear a unique audio seminar narrated by Vince Gironda himself!

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  • For the first time in 35 years you can hear in this unique audio seminar, Vince Gironda in his own words explain;

    • Synthetic Anabolic Steroids vs. Natural Hormones – Whatever happened to Physical Culture?

    • How to precurse natural hormones and increase the anabolic environment of your body.

    • What is the proper intensity and duration of the optimum workout?

    • How to avoid overwork and avoid hormone loss.

    • Why you should avoid excessive abdominal training.

    • How to easily increase your arm size by 1″ in two weeks.

    • What routines does Vince recommend for the beginner, intermediate and advanced trainer?

    • How to naturally increase your metabolic rate.

    • How you can improve muscular weak points in your body.

    • What are the benefits of specific diets and what effect will they have? High Protein, Low Protein, High Carbohydrate, Low Carbohydrate, High Fat and Low Fat.

    • What supplements should you take, how often and how much?

    • What are the most powerful foods available today which can quickly provide muscle gain and fat loss?

    • Saturated fat, unsaturated fat and cholesterol – what part should it play in your diet?

    • … and much, much more!

    Note: Due to the age of this recording the quality does suffer, therefore listening through headphones is recommended. A transcript in PDF format is also included.

    MP3 AudioAvailable as an audio book in MP3 file format for instant download to your computer once your order is processed.

    The downloaded file can be listened to with any MP3 compatible audio player or software.

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