Buff Daddy: Bodybuilding For the Family Man


Buff Daddy is a must have for any man who wants to have a great looking physique. Buff Daddy is a complete body building program.

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  • Raising a family is demanding and can wear you down physically and emotionally. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your family is to exercise. Exercise will help you keep up with the demands of parenthood and will keep you looking healthy and younger.

    Buff Daddy is a must have for any man who wants to have a great looking physique. Buff Daddy is a complete body building program.

    Here’s what is inside:

    • The 6-month Buff Daddy Bodybuilding Plan

    • Over 80 exercises for getting Buff.

    • Conant’s 12 Steps To Becoming a Buff Daddy

    • Buff Daddy Nutrition

    • Time Efficient workouts

    • Hotel Room Workouts for The Traveling Daddy

    • and much, much, more…

    1. Anonymous

      one exercise for biceps and tricps works good, so listen to VG he knows what he`s talking about this is a supersite if you want progress in your training, a lot of the training tips has worked for me 🙂

    2. Anonymous

      “Barbell pullover and press: Lie on your back on workout bench with head slightly off the end so you can lower the bar below head.”
      One of the most forgotten and underrated exercises. The pullover part works one part of the triceps. (Try them by themselves and see the pump –use 2 sets of 12-15 reps with moderate heavy weight).
      If you combine this with a close grip bench after the pullovers the p[ump is unreal. The amount of weight you can use may shock you initially as it will be rather “low” . Maybe that is which people hung up on poundages scorn it.

      Google in John McWilliams a lifter/bodybuilder from the 1940s-1950s at his peak and look at those arms. He was a real enthusiast for the bent arm pullover and press. He was one of the first people to bench press 500 and had a true 21 inch plus arm back in the pre-steroid days. Google his name in and loot at those arms and it shows pictures of him benching near or at 500.

      I use it on a basic exercise Z or Z-curl bar. I always warm up at my age 64 as this exercises really stretches the upper body and thorax so no muscle pulls needed. I use a grip of about 5 inches. Tony Pearson a former Mr. America in the late 1970s used this exercise often.

      I perform 12-20 reps of bent arm pullovers- maximum weight (after a proper warm-up) by themselves. At the end of those reps I then do many bench presses as I can after that. The pump is unreal.

      The outer areas of the pectoral are worked on me as they are often sore after one of these workouts in addition to the lats getting a good stretch and workout.

      Finally, the bent arm pullover has helped many people overcome shoulder pain and problems from injuries if used strictly and in good form.

    3. Anonymous

      John McWilliams a huge enthusiast of the bent arm pullover form the 1940s and 1950s.

    4. JT

      This seems good to me, #2.
      I’ve done something similar using a “tri-bar”, but this sounds like it could be a better variation, with the EZ bar’s different hand position and
      bent elbow movement alleviating the murderous elbow effect. I think Larry Scott would’ve liked this exercise, as a change-up from the long cable pulls he loved so much.

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