Practical Bodybuilding Training

I’ve always been interested in what you have written Mr. Gironda, but also I am aware that some things you say are radical to say the least. Some might say your ideas border on being ‘strange’. I mean you do not like the squat or the bench press. These are the two basic moves in bodybuilding. You seldom recommend any shoulder pressing or regular barbell curls. Why are you different from everyone else?

I do not set out to be different from everybody else. It’s just that my practical experience in training champion bodybuilders (and I mean training them, not just claiming to train them) extends ‘to a longer’ period of time than anyone else . . . it is reasonable, I believe, to understand that I may have picked up a thing or two.. .I am not a great believer in the exercises you mention because I have found superior substitutions, better movements. Exercises that give more shape, more development and quicker than other methods. You don’t have to buy my book to find out everything I believe. Get it free from your local library.

(Musclemag Magazine February 1985)

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