Pride, Pride, Pride

You must have self-respect, ego, arrogance and pride. Hold yourself erect – never droop.

You’ve Got To Be Active

You’ve got to be active and exercise regularly. The body is supposed to move, not sit around like a lump. Keep active and busy.

Eating For Food Value

Eat for nutrition and food value. Emphasize natural foods, avoid processed foods and eliminate junk entirely.

Larry Scott Shoulder Press

Down-The-Rack Delts

Drop sets and down-the-racks are ideal for blasting the deltoids. Down-the-racks were a favorite method of Larry Scott, probably the best small-boned bodybuilder to ever develop delts as massive as those of the big boys.

Larry Scott Vacation Shock

When I was about age 55, I took my family to Hawaii and we took a family photo right on the beach. I had already noticed my pants were getting tighter but it really hit me when I saw that photo.

How To Get Huge With Larry Scott

You need to find your own special set of exercises and then discover the exact amount of sets, reps and burns you need to explode to new growth. I know it may sound full of hype, but I don’t know how to be more truthful.


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