Nutrition Contradiction?

Vince Gironda Talks!

I certainly enjoy reading your articles. Your opinions carry a lot of weight due to your years of experience. However, two articles which appeared in Iron Man magazine appear to be contradictory:

1. Iron Man, January, 1979, Volume 38 No. 2: “I have seen students gain one inch on arms in 3 days, eating one dozen eggs and one pound of beef daily.”

2. Iron Man, September, 1978, Volume 37 No. 6: “I advocate a relatively ‘low’ protein intake, about 65 grams per day. The body can’t digest more than 20 grams per meal.”

One dozen eggs and a pound of beef would amount to approximately 180 grams of protein a day, far in excess of what you recommend in the September, 1978 article.

Would you please explain?

Sorry about the confusion.

My feeling about body builders seriously training for maximum muscle size is simple; 4 fertile eggs every three hours is a necessity to achieve positive nitrogen balance.

This is the bottom line in body building nutrition. It’s the easiest way to achieve the anabolic state.

Men over 40, like Don Peters and Don Howorth look better now than they did at age 30 or under. Don Peters is at present up to 4 dozen a day, and looks unbelievable. I personally achieved the best condition of my life on 65 grams of protein a day (eggs, meat and butter).

You are opening a Pandora’s Box by expecting a simple answer to your questions. If you ever get to California perhaps I could go into detail and cover every aspect of this with you.

To summarize this, I go on record by stating that you would be far better off with 65 grams of protein, than 300.

  1. i still dont get it….whats the best diet for muscle gains? better off how? health?…i definitely need some clarity on this…what happened to the protein shakes which included a dozen eggs in heavy whipping cream or half and half? should i go back to a regular diet? which was around 80 grams of protein a day…

  2. i dont get it niether…he says don peter was eating 4 dozen egg per day but yet he said youre better off with 65g of protein daily??? 4 dosen egg is wayyyy more than 65g of protein…so confused

  3. the answer is simple, one BB was on juice in which he could easily use the 300 grams…the other non juice user in which 65 grams is the best for him. There’s no point stuffing yourself with all that protein and its not used.

  4. so how much protein should an elite athlete(track and field, sprinter, jumper thrower = decathlon) eat? how do you calculate the your macros and calories?

  5. Here’s the real answer for everyone.. There IS no answer. Vince hated discussing diets via correspondence as every single individual is different and requires different nutritional needs. He would throw out generalized advice but he hated that, he much rather would be face to face or, barring that, at least see photographs. Diet he believed needed to be highly specialized for each and every individual, along with a heavy supplement routine of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes because he believed almost everyone to be deficient in them, and those that follow the S.A.D. definitely are deficient…so, long story short, it depends totally. P.S. – Howorth and Peters were heavily muscled so Vince believed that by having all that muscle they could handle the load.. its complicated, but with Vince’s stuff you kind of have to read between the lines sometimes.

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