Motivation For Bodybuilding

I find myself training for a couple of days and then I get teed-off with the whole thing and give up for a few weeks to party with my college friends.

Then I get angry with myself and start training again, but then the whole cycle starts again.

Nothing was ever achieved without MOTIVATION, that divine spark.

Even minimal achievers are motivated by need: the need of shelter and the need of food to eat. Perhaps it is the food we eat that produces enthusiastic personalities. Motivated sales-people, teachers, executives – people in charge of others – lawyers, doctors – dedicated people in every field, are people whose food selection is derived from a wisdom that is not learned but obediently observed.

I have observed these types of people to be meat and salad lovers. They are people who rarely use carbohydrates and seldom touch sweets. These achievers enjoy a drink or two before dinner but rarely after dinner.

I am not saying that only meat eaters are motivated and that vegetarians are not. I value lacto-vegetarian practices and also total vegetarian diets, but one must know when to use each to achieve purposeful effects.

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