Michael Barrozo Remembers Vince Gironda

As a former long hair model / actor, I was looking for a real gym, and I found Vince’s.  I worked out there for two years.It was the best training I ever had. Vince and Guy both trained me, and the best thing Vince told me was … I need to make you strong, so forget about being big.

He knew what I was about, and what I needed to do. It took months until Vince warmed up to me.

Once he saw I was serious, he offered some help, and he trained me right.

Guy, was so awesome and kind to me, trained me hard, and made me love it. Several big time actors trained there when they were in town. No one bothered them, no one bothered each other, everyone spotted everyone. We trained … we weren’t there to talk.

I will never miss any place or people like the VINCE family. It was a great second home. If you weren’t there, you would never know.

I hope Guy is OK.

To this day … I work out to be STRONG.

I still remember getting grease on my gloves.  I was an average dude at a models size. I left benching over 300lbs, and squatting for 300 lbs.

Super strong, and too big to model that 42 regular!

There will never be another Vince’s Gym.

Thank you both for all that you gave me.

Michael Barrozo

  1. You are right Michael, “There will never be another Vince’s Gym” for sure. Vince is a true legend. A Big Salute to the “Iron Guru” 💪💪.

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