Losing Fat On Obliques And Lower Back

I’ve been having a perpetual bodybuilding problem that I cannot seem to correct. I certainly hope that you can eliminate it for me.

The difficulty is in trimming down that slightly bulging deposit of fat on my obliques and on each side of my lower back just above my rear end.

I have had success trimming and tightening my front abdominals with your teqhniques but twists, sidebends and bent over twists don’t seem to help the rest of my waist where it is also important.

I tried a diet you described in MuscleMag but the low carbohydrate intake decreased the mass on my whole body that I worked so hard to build up, and the fatty layer remained but on a smaller scale. In other words, proportionally I looked the same.

Vince, I want the V-shape taper that comes with all around tight, trim waistline, but have met with only frustration.

Can you please suggest some things to melt away this problem on my obliques and lower back? Should I continue the low carbohydrate – high protein diet? (I cannot consume or afford the best quantities of Choline and Inositol necessary to do any real good).

Increase the reps on my present waist exercises? What should I do!?

I am 28 years old, 5 ft. 11 in. tall and 177 lbs. I’ve been lifting regularly for two years.

1. You have a metabolic problem.

2. You need a digestive support at each meal (HCL or Enzymes).

3. You must stop combining carbohydrates and protein at the same meal.

4. You must stop those so called High-Rep reducing exercises (twists and bendovers). They are responsible for you losing muscle tissue. (Hormone Depletion).

5. If you can afford kelp tabs and Vitamin C, take three a day and fifteen kelp.

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