Lateral Raise

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Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise

There are a thousand wrong ways to perform this exercise. Here’s the correct way – if you want wide shoulders, that is!Stand with feet comfortably apart, rounded back, knees and elbows bent. The dumbbells must “start” in front of your body, not from the side of your thighs.

Raise upwards in front of the body but to the side. (The arms should be at the ten minutes past ten o’clock position. But unlike the hands of a clock, your arms should be bent.)

Raise no higher than the height of your ears. (After this point, the traps take over.) An important point to remember is that the back of the dumbbell is kept higher than the front.

This will ensure that the lateral (side) head of the deltoid – the part that gives you impressive width – is kept engaged throughout the movement.

Lower and repeat.


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