Larry Scott Ring of Fire Success

About 6 weeks ago I began using Larry’s Ring-of-Fire technique after watching his video CD on this subject.

For anyone reading, you’ll be stunned at the progress you’ll make on this simple way of exercising the midsection.

Although I lost from 232 lbs. down to around 188 lbs. last year, and I lost this weight while doing a fairly high intensity bodybuilding type workout, my midsection was still somewhat flabby and pudgy.

While placing an order for Larry’s Food Supplements, I requested a copy of his Ring of Fire CD and the Bungee Cord w/ handgrips that are used to perform the Ring of Fire.

Once these arrived and I watched the CD, I must admit (sorry Larry but I’m being honest here) that I was sceptical about this simple approach to reducing midsection fat and toning up this area; but, once I began working on perfecting this Ring-of-Fire technique, and I began feeling the stomach and lower back muscles as Larry describes in his video, wow, I couldn’t believe the results.

This technique does work, and it works very, very well.  You’ll all be very surprised at how simple, yet effective this Ring-of-Fire is.

I’m now seeing stomach, oblique, intercostals, etc. muscles around my midsection that I haven’t seen for years; and, because of how this Ring-of-Fire works, I’m now flexing stomach muscles just like biceps, triceps, forearms, thighs, etc.

Thanks Larry for this superb abs training method / device.

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