Larry Scott – EZ-Curl or Straight Bar For Building Biceps?

Larry has stated previously that he prefers the straight bar to the “EZ-Curl” (cambered)  bar for doing barbell curls.

Why is the straight bar better / more effective than the “EZ-Curl” for doing barbell curls?

I am very interested in understanding the mechanics behind proper exercise application. I believe that this theory on the superiority of the straight bar versus EZ-Curl bar for barbell curls is not widely known and that it is an important principle to know for getting the most from your bicep workout.

One of the muscle magazines recently ran an article on the virtues of the cambered bar for doing curls. I think that Larry should set the record straight for all of us.

If your goal is to build biceps the straight bar is much better than the EZ curl bar if done the conventional way.

In fact, you may have noticed how the EZ curl bar feels real comfortable but it just doesn’t seem to produce size increase like the Straight bar does.

Perhaps this is the reason. The bicep performs two jobs. One, is to curl the arm but the other is to supinate the palm. So, in order to work the bicep completely, you wan to make it do both jobs at once. That just makes sense doesn’t it?

That’s why you make your best progress when you do curls with the palm supinated. The straight bar doesn’t supinate the palm but it at least it keeps the palm straight.

The EZ curl bar doesn’t even do that. It allows the palm to turn half way to the side. Yet we can actually do more weight with an EZ curl bar than with a straight bar.

Why is that anyway? It’s simple. The more you turn the wrist so the palm is facing down the more you activate the brachio radialus. This is good for building the top of the forearm but it’s not so good for the bicep because now it doesn’t have to do all the work.

If your goal is to build huge biceps here’s a little trick you can use with the EZ curl bar that makes it even better than the straight bar.

Grab the EZ curl bar so the palms are pronated but supinated. It’s really awkward but man does it place stress right down on the lower bicep (that beautiful part.)

I almost hesitate giving that secret away but then again it came to me free so I’m giving it to you free.

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  1. Yup. Use the EZ curl bar on the curves that make the little fingers higher than the thumbs. Feels shitty, but makes the elbows come in and is a superb low bicep builder.

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