Is Bodybuilding Safe?

Vince, I have always wanted to work out with weights, but I had a friend who dropped an 80-pound dumbell on his foot and broke all his toes.

I have heard other stories of how dangerous bodybuilding can be.

Please tell me it’s safe so I can start training.

The most dangerous part of working out is driving to the gym!

  1. This product was great for me. I’ve lost eight pounds so far and I still have 2 days to go. I don’t feel hungry at all and I have energy all day. Thank you Ron.

  2. By far the smartest creation ever. This product has the power to fully cleanse and flush your body of toxins as well as return your colon into the healthy proper state. Thank you Vince Gironda and thank you Ron Kosloff.

  3. By far this is the best cleansing product EVER! I lost about 8lbs during the first 5 days and lost another 3lbs several day after. The best feeling was tightening my belt 2 notches when all was done. Also, my energy was very high during the program. This program works very fast and hunger practically dissapears. After the 1st day, I wasn’t even hungry. I highly recommend this to anyone as a kick-start to a new dieting and training regimen. In fact, I recommend ANY product from the NSP line.

  4. I have lost 11 pounds and 3 inches off my abs region and 2 inches off my hips. Greatest weight loss starter ever and now I’m following a high protein, low carbs diet and my weight is still going down, slower but still weight lost. I would recommend this product if you have an event within 7 days or you’re about to start a new diet and want quick weight lost to motivate you to stay on track to your goal.

  5. I finished the ab trim program recently and all I can say is, where do i start? Greater definition? More energy? Better mood? Greater muscularity? I’ve never come across a single product with so many tangible benefits. Yet another reason why Ron Kosloff and NSP are the best around!

  6. I’m on the third day and let me say.
    I’m miserable. migraines & feeling sick to my stomach were I want to just vomit is not for me

  7. This product was recommended by a friend. I did not feel tired during the 5 day process but then again I planned to stay in and I did, only had a few outing since I did not want crazy bowel movements. I didn’t get any bowel movements in the first 3 days so I called the number on the website and I’m glad I did because they were very helpful, he suggested lots of water about 8 cups a day and to crush up the enzymes to powder form or chew them for better absorption.

    I had great energy, staying away from food was not hard for me, the enzymes made me feel full and I drank juice when I felt hungry.

  8. When will this product be available again? I read about it in one of Vince’s book and on this website, but they’re always out of stock…

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