Improved Body, Mind and Spirit

Dear Mr. Kosloff,

My name is John and I have been strength training for about 20 years.  Both my father and brother loved to workout and they were the first to introduce me to it. I then played football in high school and college.  However, improper training, awful technique, has since ravaged my body with injuries.

I stumbled on your website and it has been an absolute blessing to me!! I cannot stop reading it!! Simple things such as how to bench press at the neck, what situps really do, milk and eggs, this is such a revelation!!

Currently I work as a teacher/football coach at a high school. I have shared some of this knowledge with my students and they have grown to love bodybuilding and it is amazing to see them loving this as a lifestyle.

Thank you for this website. Up until this time I had never heard of Vince Gironda due to Joe Weider’s monopoly in the bodybuilding media.

In regard to my health as mentioned earlier in this email, I have found that by changing my diet as you have recommended has improved my body, mind, and spirit! This information could have very well saved my life with all the garbage I have put into my body throughout the years!

Take care and again thank you 🙂

John Drake

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