How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

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I’m a professional Wrestler from Montreal, Canada. I presently wrestle in Puerto Rico and soon I will go to Los Angeles.

Here are my problems.

I have no more than one hour and a half, three times a week to workout, due to a heavy wrestling schedule and long trips by car.

I’m 5’10” about 215 lbs. and I have small bones or a medium frame. I would like to bulk up and look husky and solid, but not get fat.

Please let me know the best routine possible for my goal.

I have a round back or shoulders and I would like to know how to correct it.

Also, which is better for me, press in front or press behind neck?

Please explain to me the difference between the two presses and which muscle each of them work.

What you are asking is how to turn fat into muscle.

To begin with, you must realize that there is no correlation between carbohydrates and muscle tissue.

Only protein can replace and build muscle tissue. So get off those carbohydrates.

Second, the scale does not indicate whether you have a good physique, only the mirror does. What I am trying to point out is that you can lose weight (fat) and improve your physique by gaining shape, greater differential and muscularity. In short, you can look bigger by losing weight (fat).

Another thing you must understand is that exercise is not a subcutaneous fat emulsifier. You obtain muscularity only by getting off the carbohydrates!

There is no difference between the behind neck press and the front press. They are both front deltoid exercises. What you need is to cosmetically produce greater differential with lateral (head) exercises, which you will find in all of my courses.

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