How To Train Abdominals At Home

Vince, I do not have access to a gym as I live in the country and have no car. I do have a barbell and dumbbell set. I was wondering if you could give me exercises for my abs I can do at home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Most ab exercises you can do in a gym can be done at home. Crunches are probably the single best exercise and you can do them on the floor.

Knee-ins can also be done on the floor or even on your bed The mattress makes it comfortable to do Knee pull-ins can be done seated on a chair or a bench. Abdominal vacuums can be done as well. Train your abs as you would any other muscle.

Reduce fat around your waist with diet but build the abs as you would any other muscle.

(Musclemag Magazine October 1988 )

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