How To Increase Your Bicep Height

I want more biceps height!

My arms are pretty big right now, 17-1/2” at 5’7” height, but when I pose them the biceps region appears flat. Please tell me the truth.

Can I improve the height of my biceps and if so what exercise will best do the job?

You can belly-out any muscle with short range movements that work the center (belly) of the muscle in question. For the biceps I suggest you perform the seated cable short range curl (using a low pulley). Curl the arms only over a 6 inch range. Five sets of ten reps.

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  1. You say curl the arms over a 6″ range.
    Where in the range of a curl do you mean? the begining of the curl movement, towards the end or the middle of the movement? I have been really curious about the possibility of focusing on the belly areas of some of my muscles.

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