How To Increase Calf Size

I am writing to you to find out how to increase my calf size.

Would this help me become faster so I would be able to run the 100 yard dash in about 9.3?

If you have anything on this, would you send it to me, please?

I feel that the fencers lunge for leg biceps and glutes should be of great benefit for a sprinter, as well as calf raises performed with heels together and coming up off the big toe because this is the push off position in sprinting.

You might also do the seated calf-toe raise machine as an aid.

Remember that nutrition is 90%; exercise is 10%.

  1. I’ve found it effective to do a double push at the top
    to really squeeze the most out of them. A lot of trainees
    are really sloppy both at the bottom and the top.

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