How To Get Rid Of Pot Belly

What area of your body do you want to change most? 95% of the time people said, “help me get rid of this” as they grabbed their lower stomach. Man or woman it was the same.

Whether it’s a man or a woman everyone wants a flat stomach. And I’m talking about the lower area. Not the part sit ups work. But that part down below the navel. That’s the area that pooches out. And drives everyone nuts. It’s the reason the Ring Of Fire is so popular.

The problem with the Ring of Fire is … it takes a while to learn the movement because the midsection has no hands to push or pull. It’s a unique movement and once you learn it … it works like a charm. I have become addicted to it. But like any other exercise you can soon go stale on it. So I switched over to our Lower abdominal bench. Which is designed to specifically target the lower abs.

The only muscle that can move the pelvis is the lower abs. I grabbed a 20 lb dumbbell put it between my feet for ballast and went to work. What a great movement. I could move the dumbbell in closer on the positive and extend it out on the negative. I had forgotten how great this exercise is. 3 sets of 20 reps and I was done. My lower abs were torched and when I stood up my lower abs were not only flat but concave. Man I love that flat stomach look. Like I said earlier it just makes you look virile.

But it’s more than esthetics. Flat lower abs don’t just look good they anchor the pelvis enabling you to do heavy squats without hurting your low back. Not to mention … A flat hard stomach in a pair of slacks is hard to beat.

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