How To Fix Narrow Shoulders

Vince, I have narrow shoulders. I realize that I cannot widen my scapulae but what in your opinion is the best exercise to make my delts look wider?

To look wider you must work on the side head. Lateral raises strongly work the side head if the little finger is kept higher than the thumb as the bells are raised.

But I think the best shoulder broadener I know is the barbell upright row. To place emphasis on the side head, you must use a wide grip. Grasp the barbell with your hands 15 inches wide. Stand upright with the shoulders rounded, knees bent and the bar resting on the thighs. From this position, pull the bar up to the neck but be sure not to hunch your shoulders back. Keep them down or you will work traps. You must keep the shoulders rounded and the elbows forward.

Use a smooth, piston-like movement. Try 4 sets of the following reps: 10-8-6-15. Make sure you do not heave back at the top of the movement and concentrate on working delts, not traps.

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  1. I do not have real narrow shoulders and never had. I was on Olympic style lifter in the late 1960s and 1970s and back the Olympic Press was part of competition so one practiced all form of standing and supine (angled pressing) so the delts received good work.

    Jumping forward, I am now almost 64 and before a recent injury from a fall which I am healing and cannot do many exercises I used the 15 inch width leaning forward Gironda style upright rows and received great results.

    In addition, the biceps are worked from a different angle and showed growth.

    I have never used “roids” of any sort and at my age at 6-3/270 my arms are 19.4 COLD and my friends say my delts look like large grapefruits which is very encouraging.

    To me the secret is using the proper exercises using as much weight as one can PROPERLY handle and diet.

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