How To Finish Your Six Pack

Most of us know how to do crunches and leg raises but few know how to work the lower abdominals.

Anyway, I didn’t until just a short while ago.

Frankly, I always thought crunches were working the upper abs and leg raises were working the lower abdominals. I did plenty of both so I thought my low abs were in pretty good shape.

But here’s an abdominal test to see whether or not you’re lacking in lower ab development.

You might want to try it: Lie down on your back on a bench, reach over your head and grab hold of the bench. Bring your knees up over your chest and press your back flat against the bench. Now, while keeping your lower back hard against the bench, extend your legs straight out. You should be able to keep your back pressed hard against the bench if your lower abs are in fair shape. If they are in good shape you should be able to place a 15 lb dumbbell between your feet and still keep your back flat. If they are in … “6-pack shape” you should be able to extend your legs straight out with that same 15 lb dumbbell and rock your pelvis back and forth.

On top of all this … low back pain will become a thing of the past because your lower abs will be bands of steel which anchor your pelvis in a position of power.

You don’t need special equipment for building low abs but getting your brain to rock the pelvis is hard as the dickens. It’s a new movement. If you do it wrong and work the hip flexors rather than the lower abs … it actually aggravates the “pot gut” problem and hurts your low back.

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