How To Develop Muscular Glutes

I am interested in “sculpting” my body using your methods outlined in your book, The Wild Physique.

Two muscles which girls seem to notice on guys are the gluteus medius and the gluteus maximus.

I am 5’10” and weigh 147 pounds. I have a very small bone structure.

Any advice you can give me on building up my flat butt would be appreciated.

Years ago glute training was not a major priority among men but in this era of striated glutes and when people are so body conscious, glute training is now very important. Good glutes give the body contour and shape. Good glutes, even in clothes give your body that sexy look that women find very attractive.

Since your glutes are flat and lack fullness and roundness, I suggest you do two glutes exercises to fill them out.

The first is called “buns-out”. Take a light weight to begin with. Place the bar behind the neck as if you were going to do a set of squats and place the bar very low on the traps like a powerlifters squat.

Then, unlike a regular full squat where one attempts to maintain a heads up, straight-back position to place most of the stress on the thighs and not on the lower back and glutes, you place your chin on your chest, bend forward in good morning style while you squat down and purposely stick your rear end as far as you can to throw the majority of the stress onto the glutes. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps. This will build size onto the glutes.

Start with a weight about one-third of what you would squat with and eventually build up to about your bodyweight.

The second exercise you can do is the one-leg cable kickback. Attach a cable to your ankle and lean forward. Then using glute strength, raise your leg backwards as high as you can until the glute contracts.

This is a high rep exercise. I suggest 3 sets of 20-25 reps with each leg.

Keep in mind that exercises like full squats, verticle leg presses, hyperextensions and good mornings will all work the glutes to some extent so include these in your workouts too.

Just keep an eye on your glute development. Too much glute is as bad as not enough.

For years I have warned people about doing heavy regular squats, deadlifts and vertical leg presses which spread the hips and work the glutes but in certain cases, where people lack glutes and hips, these can be done up to a point.

  1. Anyone know of any other terms to find a demonstration for “buns-out” exercise? Thanks. Trying to visualize it and perfect it based on description isn’t too comforting!

  2. Very infomative article,thank much.Is there any illustration or video about this exercise on “InVINCEable: True Natural Bodybuilding Manual” or on “Buff Daddy: Bodybuilding For the Family Man”?

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