How To Build More Muscle Mass

Don Howorth

Vince, I desperately need more muscle mass and size. What kind of foods should I be eating and do you have any tricks that will speed up my muscle growth?

If you need more mass eat more protein.

If you really want to accelerate muscle growth try up to 36 raw eggs a day mixed with raw cream or half and half and milk and egg protein powder (up to a cup a day). Unbeatable for quick gains in my book.

Also take large amounts of red meat – up to two pounds a day. I usually recommend 50 grams of protein six times a day, with the meals spaced three hours apart.

Don’t overeat at any one meal. Six small meals are better for weight gain than three large ones.

And take digestive enzymes like papin and HCL with each meal to help with digestion.

Eat this way for three or four weeks; then take a week to detoxify by eating little protein and lots of salads, fresh fruits and carbs.

Then go back to high protein and low carbs for another three or four weeks.

As for tricks to speed up growth, try three desiccated liver tablets, three raw glandular tablets and three amino acid capsules every three hours on your off-meal hours.

Do this six days a week for three weeks and you could conceivably add an inch to your arms.

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