How Many Repetitions Per Exercise?

Vince. Some of the bodybuilders I workout with have told me to do 15 reps per set for muscles like the “quads”, “hamstrings”, “calves” and “abs”. For the rest of the remaining ones they say 8 reps is good. What do you think about this advice?

I’m going to tell you a story which relates to my experience regarding the subject of exercise repetitions.

I positioned myself behind the Preacher Bench (Scott Bench etc.) in my gym. I picked up my Olympic barbell, took the proper grip, placed my elbows at the top of the bench and with both feet parallel, lowered the barbell smoothly to the low position, then slowly curled the bar to my front deltoids.

I was only interested in working the low biceps in good, slow, smooth, form (Cadence). I had no number of reps in mind. Just a good honest set in as perfect form as I could achieve. The number of reps I usually did was 12.

I ended up performing 24 reps with no more effort or strain than if I had performed the usual 12.

The example I am trying to make is simply that if you limit yourself to any number of reps that is all you will do. I had somehow rejected the fact that 12 reps was my limit.

I continued to rep-out to the point where the muscle was actually able to perform before it encountered a feeling of truly needing glucose.

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