How Important Is Sleep For Muscle Growth?

Vince. I have been an admirer of your methods for years. I have read virtually everything you have published and look forward to getting your new courses.

You do not say much in your writings about the importance of sleep. Please help me. I am an insomniac and find difficulty in getting nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

My mind just keeps going over problems and I just cannot sleep properly.

Join the club! Often times I get up at two in the morning and pace up and down. My mind, like yours, is often overactive. I have always been that way.

I understand that Frank Zane beats the problem with the use of tryptophane an amino acid compound, taken prior to retiring at night.

I suggest you try to wind down your thoughts before going to bed and stay away from sleep destroying stimulants such as cheese and coffee just before bedtime. I have no guaranteed solution to your (our) problem.

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