Freddie Ortiz on Vince’s Gym

Freddy Ortiz began his illustrious bodybuilding career in 1957 upon arriving in America from his homeland, Puerto Rico, entered his first show – the Mr. New York – in 1960, won the Mr. Universe in 1962 and today trains with the same intensity he applied in his youth.

You trained at Vince’s Gym, correct?

Yes, back in ’67 and ’68 when I went to California. I would work out with Vince.

What are your memories of Vince Gironda?

He was a very nice man.

What made training at Vince’s gym different to training at other gyms?

At Vince’s Gym there was more equipment and it was very convenient. I also got to work out with people who really knew what they were doing. California was a more professional place for bodybuilding.

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