Feel Your Muscles With One And A Halfs

Vince, sometimes I just cannot seem to isolate my muscles. I’ll do incline flies for my upper pecs but only my front delts burn. I do rear laterals for rear delts and my triceps burn, but no rear delt pump of burn.

Sometimes when I’m curling, my forearms and hands burn but my biceps don’t.

Is there something I can do to feel my muscles work as I train, or any techniques that will help me to isolate my muscles?

Obviously, you’re not concentrating on your muscles properly. Really focus your mind on the muscles you are trying to train. That’s number one. But make sure your form is strict. It’s hard to isolate any muscle if you’re cheating excessively and really throwing the weights around. That’s two.

And finally, a technique you can use to teach yourself to isolate your muscles and learn to feel them as you train is what I call one and a halfs. It means just what it sounds like. You do one and a half of one full rep.

For example, if you are doing bench presses to the neck, or what I call Neck Presses, you lower the bar down half way, return to the starting point and then do a full rep. Count one and a half reps as one rep. Do these on all reps of all sets of all exercises. You should get a great pump from this one.

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