Eating After A Workout

It’s very important for bodybuilders to keep their systems stocked with nutrients.

When I trained at Vince’s Gym, Guy Gironda, Vince’s son, instructed me to eat something immediately after a workout – preferably protein.

That worked out fine for me because I was usually shaking too much from the workout to drive anyway, so I’d gulp down some half-and-half. He also said that I should eat throughout the day.

People may question the validity of the Girondas’ theories, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you actually trained at Vince’s, followed his and Guy’s advice and didn’t get bigger, then by all means your criticism is warranted.

But I did train there, so I know firsthand that their knowledge is amazing. Guy could even tell what I’d eaten for breakfast just by how strong I was, and he was never wrong – never.

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