Dumbbell Presses For Great Delts

Dumbbell Presses are great exercises for the frontal deltoids. They’re terrific exercises because we can use so much more weight than we could while doing traditional exercises for the shoulders, like the side lateral raises. The problem is however, we’re seeking to build the side and rear deltoids because they’re so impressive and they build your width. Here’s how you can tap into the power of dumbbell presses and work all three heads of the deltoids.

First thing to remember is always press with the butt of the palm. Never let the thumbs go as high as the little finger side of the palm or it places all the stress on the triceps rather than the deltoids.

Next, keep the dumbbells pulled to the rear as far as possible, especially the elbows. As you press the dumbbells overhead, press them only 3/5th of the way up, but at the same time press the elbows back. In fact, you’re almost pushing the elbows back as hard as you’re pushing them up. The pressing back of the elbows can only be done by using side and rear deltoids.

Finally, don’t lock out on top go only 3/5ths of the way up. Anything beyond this point is just triceps. This keeps constant tension on the deltoids and deltoids love constant tension. Give them constant tension and they grow like weeds.

Now for the best part. On the way down you’re ready to take advantage of the powerful eccentric strength to really put a torch to your side deltoid head. Do as follows, all the time keeping the little finger higher than the thumb side of the palm. Stretch the elbows out away from your trunk as far as you can. Slowly lower the dumbbells without losing the “little finger high” position.

Repeat for 6 reps. Drop the weight 5-10 lbs and repeat for 6 sets of “down the rack” presses. This will build deltoids like crazy because first, it hits all three deltoid heads. Secondly, you can take advantage of your eccentric power to go even slower which greatly increases intensity and finally, you can use a heavier weight than you could with conventional deltoid exercises.

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  1. Very complex movement that Larry showed me personally. Described perfectly above. Done exactly that way, one step at a time, will make you feel the worth of it.

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