Disney Director T Hee Introduces Vince Gironda

Last Sunday I was sitting on my big patio thinking about the way a good many of us spend our time just sitting.

Take a friend of mine in the wholesale egg business, albumin, he wakes up in the morning, sits on edge of bed, stretches, yawns, lights a cigarette, goes to kitchen and puts coffee pot on burner, shuffles into bathroom, looks in mirror, bags, coated tongue – doesn’t like – plugs shaver, soothing hum, sits on can.

Pot starts boiling in kitchen, he pours a cup and sits at breakfast table.

Aroma has awakened wife, she drags into kitchen, starts preparing breakfast, showers, dresses, sits down to hearty breakfast, cereal, bacon, egg, toast, coffee, cigarette.

He’s ready to face the world – sitting down.

Sites in car to work – sits in office – sits in restaurant at lunch – sits in office – sits in car arrives home – sits in easy chair – and and sips martini wife brings him.

To show his appreciation he asks her, “What’d you do today?”, she starts telling him while she puts puts finishing touches to dinner, and he starts reading headlines, it’s easier to listen to news on the radio, and switches it on.

When dinners ready he sits down to dinner, and afterwards sits and listens to radio, sits and reads, sits and chews the fat, to break the monotony they sit in the car and drive over to Fred and Jeans house, where Fred says, “Hi all, come in! Sit down!”, and they all sit and play cards or sit around the T.V. and watch those crazy wrestlers and basketball players knock themselves out.

Television is wonderful, the automobile is a wonderful thing, but today, modern man can …

… sit in his car at a drive-in restaurant and eat his meals

… sit in his car at a drive-in theatre and be entertained

… sit in his car at a drive-in bank and do business

… and even sit in his car at a drive-in church and be preached at

Drive-in markets, drive-in shoe repairs, drive-in cleaners … poor man be conceived in an auto … born in a drive-in hospital, fed, educated, romanced, married in drive-in chapel, and be buried in the drive-in cemetery – all because he’s addicted to the habit of sitting.

That’s why with the growing tendency to develop one muscle of the anatomy – it’s my pleasure to present today’s guest speaker – a building contractor who has in the last 10 years built over 10,000 homes.

The kind of homes we live in 24 hours of every day – our bodies.

Fellow notarians, guests and friends – my friend, Mr Vince Gironda, who owns and operates 3 gymnasiums, one in Pasadena, Vince’s Gym on Ventura Blvd, and a ladies gym at the same location supervised by his beautiful wife.

The guinea pigs scheduled for today’s demonstration were dispensed with – they developed so rapidly under Vince’s tutelage there wouldn’t have been room in here for them and me to!

It’s all yours Vince.

Thornton Francis “T.” Hee was an American animator, director, and teacher. He taught character design and caricature. He is always credited as T. Hee.

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