Dick Palmer and Vince’s Gym

Dick Palmer had an appliance store on Ventura Blvd. near Vince’s gym. Dick passed recently in his nineties and I knew him because of music, not because of bodybuilding, but naturally when we became friends we also shared the bodybuilding connection although Dick was in his eighties when we met and no longer working out.

I never met Vince, to me he was just a legendary famous figure – the kind you read about. But Dick Palmer knew him well.

Dick is the only non-famous guy who I’ve encountered who has shed some light on Vince and Vince’s ways.

And everything we read about and hear about Vince is absolutely accurate according to Dick, who worked out there for two or three years, and knew Vince well.

Dick put up with Vince’s weirdness because he thought Vince was a sort of genius in a way, and Dick respected him a lot.

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