Defined Abdominals At Any Age

Until I saw a recent photo of yourself, I did not believe that any man of your age could posses such a magnificent physique. I was especially impressed by your extremely flat and well-developed abdominals.

I have a problem which I hope you will be able to solve for me. I have what you might call prolapsis of the lower abdomen. In that I mean that my abdomen is relatively flat down to my navel, but then there is quite a lot of protruding fat below my navel. Can this condition be corrected? If so, what exercises do you advice?

To perhaps assist you in prescribing a solution to my problem, in the past several years I have pared my weight from 175 to 135 pounds at a height of 5’4”.

I do not exercise with weights, but I jog three times a week.

The best exercise for your condition is: bend over and place your hands on your knees and draw the lower abdominal up as hard as you can and hold for a count of 2 seconds.

Repeat this for 50 reps every day.

Also, remember to hold this section in tight whenever you think of it. Walking, sitting, riding in a car, any time, any place. After a time, this will become a reflex action, and you not have to even think about it. It will become a normal subconscious thing with you.

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