Creating an Illusion

After all the champs you turn out yearly in your gym, I felt I must write you.

My name is Bob Platoni. I turn 15 tomorrow. I’ve known about musclemen since I was 11, and for the past 7 months I’ve been training under the guidance of Claude Rigan.

My reason for writing is because of an article that appeared in a Muscle magazine called “Where are we Heading.”

It told about bodybuilders who take drugs and completely overlook gracefulness and a classical build.

After looking around, I noticed many of your gym members have classical builds. Is there any way to look more like your men – graceful rather than just large?

Also, how can one determine one’s type of build? I know I’ve got a lot of growing to do, but right now I’m short with broad hips and clavicles.

Any advice you can give me I would be thankful.

Thanks for your very intelligent letter, you are very perceptive.

Yes, we stress symmetry above all else at my gym. I believe in specializing on the slow growing areas first, and balancing the body, instead of working on the fast growing areas and neglecting your weak points.

Along with this concept on training, we also do not believe in so-called bulking up fast. This is not muscle building, this is just getting fat, and all you accomplish is to slow down your metabolic rate. Basically, this means that Protein builds muscle, and starch builds fat. Don’t try to gain weight too fast.

You also stated that you were broad in the hips and short in stature. Well, by creating an illusion of length to the legs, you can make your hips look small and give the appearance of height. I’ve done it.

I have been told I look much taller than I am by people who see me on the beach and on the stage.

The way to create this illusion is the “3 Stage Sissy Squats.”

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