Wide Is Wonderful For Shoulders

Getting Rid Of Your Stack Of Dimes Neck

I’ve spoken to a couple of the current Olympia competitors about the very things I’m about to share with you. I’m not going to mention any names but … I am going to talk about a weak point on both of them and … that body part is their neck.

Lateral Raise

There are a thousand wrong ways to perform this exercise. Here’s the correct way – if you want wide shoulders, that is!

Larry Scott Shoulder Press

The Larry Scott Shoulder Press

The Larry Scott Shoulder Press was developed by Vince Gironda to bring up Larry Scott’s lagging shoulders for the Mr. America Contest. The rest is history.

Vince Gironda High Pull

One of Vinces favorite exercises for the side delt was a variation on the upright row. He called them “high pulls.”

Seated Bradford Press

Vince Gironda had a different name for these … but they were named after a lifter by the name of Jim Bradford.