Building Gladiator Pectorals

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

This is a very distinct exercise to add muscle mass in the pectoral muscle and was widely used by the former Mr. Olympia Larry Scott while training in Vince ‘s Gym.

Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

This type of movement mainly works the chest, in a slightly different variation of other movements for the pectorals.

Wide Grip Dips

Vince Gironda Dips

For those of you who are not familiar with this exercise I will explain it as Vince Gironda describes in his course “The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin.”

How Did Larry Scott Train His Chest?

I always liked Larry Scott’s pectorals. They were not bulbous like so many guys today. How did he exercise his chest muscles?

A Cure For Slow Growing Pecs

My pecs are slow to grow in spite of the fact that I do a lot of straight arm flyes every workout. I also do floor dips between benches to get a stretch (3 x 15) and I get a good pump.

Don Howorth

The Vince Gironda Neck Press

Vince Gironda, I need an exercise that builds the whole pec, not just the bottom part, which always seems to happen when I do a lot of regular flat bench presses.

How To Build The Upper Chest

The inside front of the collar bone at both sides of the neck need development (High Pectoral). What can you suggest to build this area Vince Gironda?