Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

Biceps Routines To Pump You Up

I get more requests for tips on how to build a great “set of guns” then anything else. I am including a series of fantastic Bicep routines to “pump you up”. In no time at all, you will have shirt splitting Biceps.

The Best Lower Bicep Routine Larry Scott Found

We’ll be talking about Lower Biceps, Long head of Tricep, Forearms, Vastus Internus, Thigh Biceps and Calves. By the way … we’re not just talking about making these muscles larger but unique ways to make them more beautiful.

Barbell Body Drag Curl

Take a shoulder-width grip on a barbell and, starting with the bar resting against the upper legs, raise it from thighs to throat, keeping the bar in contact with the body at all times.

The Gironda Perfect Curl

The late Vince Gironda, the originator of the Perfect Curl (or complete curl) described how to do it in the following manner.