Defining A Marvellous Midsection

Vince Gironda

Abdominal Spot Reducing

Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot produce localized spot reduction by performing a few sets of sit-ups every day.

How To Train Abdominals At Home

Vince Gironda, I do not have access to a gym as I live in the country and have no car. I do have a barbell and dumbbell set. I was wondering if you could give me exercises for my abs I can do at home.

How To Cure A Sagging Waistline

Any weight I gain goes right to the waistline, but if any is lost it comes from the rest of my body. Would you care to give me some advice or program on how to alleviate this unsightly sag?

Gain Weight And Keep A Slim Waist

Weight-gainers can keep that 28-inch waist and still gain up to 60-pounds by eating small quantities of food five to six times daily, rather than stuffing themselves at one sitting.