Optimal Eating

Vince Gironda Stated Bodybuilding Is 85% Nutrition

Meat, Egg and Water Diet

During the forty years I’ve been a bodybuilder seeking greater muscle size and delineation, I have experimented with every imaginable diet combination. While training to win the “Worlds Most Muscular Man” title. I devised a diet that gave me maximum muscle size with almost zero body fat. It was what I call the “steak-and-eggs diet.”

Weight Loss and Protein Requirements

I’m a former fat guy turned fitness devotee. The magazines would call me a mesomorph. I’m currently at around 15% body fat, following an extended cutting period. I felt that my body was no longer responding to diet after such a long time, so I’ve decided to take a six-week break from cutting to see if it helps my fat-loss progress when I return.

Vince Gironda and The Health Benefits of Raw Fertile Eggs

For health enthusiasts, weight training athletes, and bodybuilders, before the arrival and advent of synthetic and chemical supplements, testosterone boosters, steroids, and growth hormones, fertile eggs were consumed raw to boost testosterone levels, muscularity, strength, and power.