Carb Limits and Weak Points on Vince Gironda’s Secrets of Definition

I am doing Vince Gironda’s “Secrets of Definition” program and I have a few questions.

1) When is it time to eat carbs? I have been consuming strictly protein and (good fat) and feel great. But every third or fourth day I feel rundown. And what kind of carbs are good to eat for the “Definition” program?

2) I tend to be a lean person and don’t have a tremendous amount of fat on me. When I do the “Secrets of Definition” program I tend to lose weight and look a little thinner (not pumped or full looking). Should I increase a possible carb. meal or add more protein per serving?

3) Doing Vince’s leg routine is awesome. I love it. However, my hamstrings and inner thighs don’t seem to get enough work. They look thin. What would you do to get these areas more improved?

Question 1:

The primitive Eskimo, Rocky Mountain men, American Plains Indian, and the African Masai ate very little to no carbs, but very few cultures in the world today don’t eat carbs. Most of the world’s people today have adapted to carbs simply so they won’t starve to death. Wild animals (carnivores) still eat meat only, but domestic pets have been forced to eat carbs.

My research has shown that 80 to 120 grams per day of natural carbs is the normal amount that each person can handle. However, while this works for many, you must find your “grams per day” personally since it can vary from person to person. (A gentleman who I once trained from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, by the name of Art Barker, was one of the few people that I have seen in my life who did not seem to need carbohydrates at all.)

Now that you are on Vince’s definition diet, you must therefore listen to your body. On Vince’s diet you will essentially be eating zero carbs, and then either on the third, fourth, or fifth day, you will become light-headed when your liver is void of glycogen (sugar). As you said, you feel rundown. So, therefore, on the third, fourth, or fifth day, you must eat a very large natural-carb meal, consisting of fruits or vegetables, and some starches. The carbs will be converted to glycogen and stored in your liver. This system should replenish your body and eliminate your problem.

Question 2:

The old saying is that “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Of course, this applies to you, too. Carbs, in most cases, will give you that pumped and full look. On the definition routine, you must remember that you will lose body fat and not muscle, and your purpose is to lean out. You can’t always have that full look. Listen to your body, as I outlined for the previous question, and you should have no trouble achieving your goals.

That said, you should not add extra amounts of protein, because it will likely not be digested – the extra protein will simply turn to body fat (many people don’t realize this), and you don’t want that. Here we have a situation where Vince would say “know thyself.” Readily experiment when you can and find out what’s right for you.

I have two additional recommendations that might help: water and Celtic Sea Salt. Do you drink adequate amounts of water? It’s important. Are you using Celtic Sea Salt to give your body trace minerals? That’s important, too. Remember, without trace minerals or enough water you will become dehydrated, and this may be your problem.

Question 3:

I think it is too late to correct your poor hamstrings and inner thighs at this time. Wait until the next contest. You don’t have enough time to specialize on your weak points.

But, before your next contest, specialize on your hamstrings first and then your inner thighs. This is how you can do it: Whatever your routine is at this time (6×6, 8×8), cut it in half for all the muscles except hamstrings and inner thighs. You are not worried about growing your other muscles – you just want to maintain size when you’re specializing on others. Then, invoke 10 sets of 10 with very little rest between sets for your hamstrings and thighs until they respond to the point you want. Again, this method of reducing work for all muscles except the ones you’re specializing on was one of Vince’s ideas. It works. See how smart he was?

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  1. How much water is adequate? There are doctors out there like Tim Noakes who say we drink TOO much water!

    Too much protein? How much?

    And what about extended periods of time on too few calories? I went on this diet and I got Fat on it!

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