Blue Bloods, Liquid Silver and Anti-Bacterial

Many people have heard the term “blue bloods”, but they don’t know how it originated.

Blue bloods all stems back to nutrition. During the 15th and 16th centuries in England and in Europe the aristocracies or upper class were a little healthier than the rest of the population and they never knew why, to a degree.

The blue bloods ate better food and a simple fact was they rarely became sick and nobody really knew why.

When you realize that one of nature’s finest anti-bacteria minerals, silver is a paramount nutrient. For instance, many of your good carbon water filters will have silver attached to the carbon block water purification system but the earliest units just ran it through carbon.

Then they discovered if you put a piece of silver in it, you could destroy all the bacteria. So, all of a sudden they knew how good silver was and of course today silver is sold in liquid form to fight bacteria.

Well, where did the aristocracy in England and Europe get silver? It was really plain and simple; where the Romans used lead utensils, which inevitably killed thousands from lead poisoning, the aristocracy of England and Europe would use silver utensils not really knowing that silver was a tremendous form of anti-bacteria.

The residue from eating silver from silver utensils would create this anti-bacterial effect and of course nobody knew it. And what would happen is their blood as compared to the commoner or peasant would be much bluer. You must understand that blood is blue until it is exposed to oxygen and then it turns red so that’s why it’s blue when you look at it in your veins.

This is the reason silver was associated with the blue bloods of the aristocracy of that time and a lot of people really never knew that.

So today, if you’re looking for a tremendous anti-bacterium then try the liquid silver. All health food stores stock this item.

  1. We all know raw whole eggs organic
    or amish during a bulking cycle will
    generate great protein synthesis, put
    us in a high nitrogen balance among
    Liver Tablets as well.

  2. rich people were not healthier,the citizines were,why? the rich ate the more refined foods and sugars while the poor ate the most basic of foods in their raw state.

  3. Blood is not blue. It is always red from the iron. That is a myth. And they called themselves bluebloods to diferentiate themselves from the war. The silverware part is true but pertains to officers during the first world war not getting disentary.

  4. Colloidal silver is known for its benefits. And silver is known to fight disease and bacteria. I do take it when I’m not feeling well and it lessens the impact of my illness by the end of the work day. There is some truth to this article.

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