1. Hello……… I see Bill almost every morning in Venice.. the poor guy lives on a bench near the Sub Way unit at Windward.
    What a tragic figure… There should be a group of the old guys like Arnold to help their pals from the old days…

  2. I have not seen Bill for a few years. Last time was at Golds Gym in marina Del Rey when it was open. I think Arnold should help Bill out also. Bill was the best and now look at what our great country can do for you. Bill is a true champion and a really good guy.If I had the money I would help him out to. I lived in a camper on the street in Marina Del Rey and Venice beach for over 12 years. Los Angeles can destroy the best of us unless your one of the rich chosen people.

    Bills friend

  3. I been last summet in venice. Bill was every day pumped up at muscle beach. Befor i know him, i think about him must be a very big guy befor. Greez from swiss

  4. Please tell Bill Pettis I said hello! I’m a former Mr.N.J.(heavy weight class)-that knew Bill very well back in 1974 at Venice Beach,where we were training at the original Golds. We were both struggling & broke.I had a 1967 wide-track Pontiac,where I slept across the front seat & Bill slept across the back seat. We also ate many a peanutbutter sandwiches together in that Pontiac restaurant. This went on for 3 months until finally Bill got a job & I decided to move back to N.J. Please wish him my best,because we had some great memories together. Thanks sincerely,Edward Taussig

  5. 😆 i saw Bill recently walking around Newport Beach pier with an asian gentleman. He looked as though he completely lost whatever mind he was holding onto. The asian man let him walk around for about 30 minutes and then led him to a van that took him wherever he came from, I am assuming some type of hospice.

  6. 😮 i see him all the time bill and warren (his twin) come into my store (walgreens) always asking for copies of their pics to hand out to people. they are sweet. idk what happened to them but atleast they arent down and out about it!

  7. I saw bill a couple of weeks ago at Venice beach i asked him if he had change for a 20.00 and he said he hadnt see a 20.00 bill in so long he does not know what one looked like. that really made me sad.

  8. I went to school with Bill and Warren, we are together on our first grade photograph. His name came up when I was with some school friends last month, so I did an internet search on him. I was disturbed to see him in the “30 years later” video. I remember the twins as being very quiet and gentle. They were on the Central Dauphin High School (Harrisburg PA) football team. I grew up living about 2 miles from where they did, but I never knew them except through school. I just get the sense that he has been taken advantage of, although, I don’t KNOW this. I pray God looks out for him and keeps him safe. Amen

  9. I recently viewed the video someone made of Bill, and sincerely hope that they paid him for his time. The poor guy has been taken advantage of for most of his life, and now he is left toothless and broke. I think everyone who made a little money off of Bill should help.

  10. I love Bill! I knew him 3 years in Venice! I was his bodyguard! I always looked after him and miss him alot! One day i hope to buy him an apartment in Venice! My heart goes out to him, he is old now, but he still is a icon! Can’t wait to see my buddy again!

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