Bile, Digestion, and Fatty Tumors

Vince Gironda

When the ingestion of fats and proteins occurs there are mainly two substances that the body secretes to administer digestion.

One is hydrochloric acid, for the protein, and two is bile, for the fat.

You must take into consideration the bad eating habits of our nation as we have become a society of carbohydrate eaters. The stomach recognizes only the carbohydrates and says “if you’re not going to eat fats and proteins, like the body was designed to do, then we just won’t manufacture the hydrochloric acid and bile needed.”

The over abundance of carbohydrates cause our stomachs to become alkaline, and because we don’t utilize the bile in our gallbladder, the bile becomes very thick causing poor digestion, in affect resulting in stones in the gallbladder. Gall stones and the removal of the gallbladder occur in abundance in this country.

Ever since we have diminished our protein digestion and increased the amount of carbohydrates we eat gallbladder surgery has sky-rocketed over the last 50 years. The medical profession loves this jump in surgeries. They are totally unaware, or rather don’t want to know that stones of all kinds can be flushed or dissolved from the body using natural methods. The typical gallbladder operation averages approximately 20,000 dollars. The medical profession gets away with this because they believe and go on to tell you, that you don’t need your gallbladder anyway. Yeah, sure! It’s just an expendable organ!

If your body doesn’t need a gallbladder then why is it there?

Throughout my childhood, and well into my late teens, I would get these little fatty tumors all over my body. In 1965-1968 I had about 8 of these tumors on my body. Being immature, and not knowing much, I went to my medical doctor for advisement. He said “we don’t know what causes them, but you can have them removed by a surgeon.”

Note: if you really observe Medical doctors you will see that they have no idea what causes most so-called disorders.

I didn’t know what to do or think. I did know that I wasn’t comfortable with this “doctor”, and didn’t like him. I did however go to a surgeon and had all of the tumors removed. Remember I was young!

The tumors were checked to make sure they were not cancerous. Happily all of the tumors were benign. Years later during my study of nutrition I found out what causes fatty tissue tumors. Fatty tumors are caused by the inability to digest fats. The bile in an individuals system is too thick and the function of the gallbladder is just sub par which creates stones when you eat poorly. I was born with a very, very sub par unhealthy gallbladder. Everybody is born deficient in something and it only gets worse as we age. I say “we all have crosses to bear.”

Thanks to all of my nutritional teachers I started to take digestive enzymes. It has worked very well for me and countless others. There are people who say that you don’t need supplements. This might only be true if you eat a well balanced diet consisting of only good foods, and have no physical deficiencies, which is rare today.

A good diet is one that does not include any processed or refined foods. Everyone can benefit from supplements. There are a lot of people with crosses to bear or deficiencies to overcome and they need supplementation just as I do.

If I don’t take my Digestive Enzymes I don’t digest fats, simple as that.

Not taking my Digestive Enzymes results in me belching and passing gas. I certainly want to stay healthy just like I hope you do.

The reason I have told you this story is because I have literally trained hundreds of people that couldn’t have made any gains what so ever until they overcame bad digestion.

Ever since I have been studying Vince Gironda’s teachings I have seen this truism. Vince has always stressed the importance of protein and fat digestion.

It is not what you eat, but what you digest that counts!

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