Barbell Body Drag Curl

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Barbell Body Drag Curl

Barbell Body Drag Curl

Take a shoulder-width grip on a barbell and, starting with the bar resting against the upper legs, raise it from thighs to throat, keeping the bar in contact with the body at all times.

Keep your elbows back. This will perpetuate the involvement of the biceps and take the pressure off the front deltoids.

Lower the bar and repeat.

  1. Hate to be such a picky person–why is the line drawing picture showing a pronated grip(palm down)? In all explanations of the Drag Curl I have never seen it shown this way. That would make it a brachialis exercise, not a biceps exercise. Also, I have never seen it explained to bring the bar to the neck, as that would require bringing the upper arms forward and releasing much of the resistance from the biceps. That is what Vince was trying to avoid. Much success.

  2. That picture is obviously a reverse hand curl for the forearms. Probably the closest picture they had to demonstrate, but the drag curl works let me tell you. Gives a nice peak on the bicep.

  3. The full shown in the line drawing is obviously the body-drag reverse curl., an excellent exercise in its own right, but primarily for the firearms and brachialis, not biceps.

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