Anabolic Effect In Eggs

Thanks so much for your letter concerning protein intake and the use of fertilized eggs.

Would you please tell me if the ingredient which causes the anabolic effect is to be found in the white or the yellow of the egg or must the entire egg be consumed in order to achieve the desired results?

Also, how long do you recommend that an individual stay on the fertilized egg diet?

The ingredient that causes the anabolic effect in eggs is the fat (cholesterol). The yolk as you probably know, is 50 % fat!

I, however, would not advise the exclusion of the white because science can only test for that which they are aware, or already know.

This does not mean that justifies the removal of something that is not understood. Science plays it safe; science is not an experimentor. The real scientist is the guy who is trying to discover something that was there all the time (nature), and takes the first step (unscientific) and discovers nature’s secrets.

Actually, there is nothing new at all. The facts were always there. I do not subscribe to man’s laws (science). My information comes from a different source.

All I have to tell you is that I am turning out men like Don Peters, who at 43 years of age looks better now than he ever did when he was 20 years younger and taking steroids. Just put my findings to use and see for yourself.

I will put my reputation on the line to prove that steroids are not any better or as good as four dozen fertile eggs, 100 liver tabs, and 100 amino acid tablets per day.

  1. A must need for everyone. I have great energy and my immune system is very strong by taking 10 Beef Liver Tablets every morning.

    1. “Fertilized” specifically means the egg has been fertilized by a rooster. So they could be incubated and grow into chickens. While I often see the term “fertile eggs” used in this sense, if Vince’s students are correct, then Vince was just referring to “cage free” eggs when he spoke of “fertile eggs,” as opposed to battery-cage factory farming.

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