Alan “The Rabbi” DuBoff on Vince Gironda

Thanks for the note, there’s a lot of misinformation on the web about Vince Gironda.

I have a lot of great stories, but you won’t hear too many true stories about his gym as most all of the members were actors and stars and those people tend to not talk about that stuff too much.

Vince’s first book is the bible, he was ’53 years old when that picture was taken on the rocks behind his gym in Studio City. He hated steroids and I hate them also. Vince had the right idea, build your body to its frame not for size.

You will read stories how people will say Vince recommended dozens of eggs a day, and that is only partially so. If you’re trying to lose weight and gain definition you need to limit the protein or you won’t be able to lose.

It is the first 5 days when you do your body flush when you consume a dozen eggs a day, you drink them raw mixed with raw milk, or half and half, these days as you can’t get raw milk in California.

There are not a lot of people that can do the body flush. I have done it 3 or 4 times in my life. It will detox you. Eggs are the purist form of protein that humans can consume.

But to understand the keto that Vince did, was not like keto today. Vince promoted a non-mixed meal which is protein for 3 days and carb load on the 4th. You can’t do this diet forever, so others like the Nitrogen diet.

Also, it’s not just about diet. Vince had people taking vitamins by the handfuls, you need calcium when you’re on the non-mixed meal plan as so much nitrogen in your body will create a difficult time to sleep at night.

Vince nicknamed me “The Rabbi”, he even had a weight belt made for me that I still have, from the last time I got in shape with him. He was the best trainer in the world.

Most of the bozos in the gyms are jerking too much weight around, doing bench presses and blowing kisses at themselves in the mirror. Vince would run those people out of his gym and literally tell them, “get the f#@$ out of my gym!”. I saw dozens of people get chased out.



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