A Solution For Bigger Biceps

I am a Gironda fan. No doubt about it. Have just obtained your book and believe me it is great reading. I read a chapter a night and when I am finished I just have to have a workout before going to bed. I do have a question though.

It is for my biceps. I have been training for four years, and my arm measures 16-1/2”. My triceps are growing each few months but I honestly believe that my biceps have not gotten bigger over the last three years. I do perform your famous bodydrag curls, and they gave me results early on, but now I just cannot get my biceps any bigger.

Please write me your answer in Bob Kennedy’s MuscleMag International. I will follow your advice.

It is my experience that the biceps muscle is among the first to reach its genetic potential. You may have maxed-out already. That is not to say that further growth is impossible. It merely becomes more difficult.

I suggest you continue the bodydrag barbell curls (ie. curling the weight keeping the bar close to the body, all the way up to the neck).

Also perform the alternate supine dumbbell curl (you need a high, narrow flat bench).

Do not use heavy weights in this exercise for the first four workouts.

Perform each biceps movement 5 x 8 and train them twice weekly.

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