A Secret to More Muscle Progress

One of the keys to more progress is to learn your proper role while lifting weights. It is not to push iron, your role is to cheer the muscle on while it lifts the weight. If you focus your energy “in to the muscle” rather than “out” to the weight you’ll make much more progress.

Also, rather than sending mental focus to the general area that’s being worked. Your goal is to isolate and identify the exact muscle you want to work. Then as the weight starts to move make sure the muscle you’re trying to build is doing the work.

Don’t hesitate to move the elbow, wrist, even the body position to feel this muscle even more. Once you’re “connected” focus all your mental energy on this muscle. Both on the way up and the way down.

You may find you need to adjust the body position on the way down to account for the greater strength on the eccentric portion of the exercise all the time keeping up this dialog with the
muscle “come on, you can do it. Lift, that’s it. Stick with it. Keep going, you’re doing great.

This kind of mental dialog with the muscle creates a field of energy and a source of power that far exceeds anything you could do while focusing on just the weight.

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