A Bio-Rhythmical Necessity For Supplements

There is a bio-rhythmical necessity to be observed when taking supplements to get the most good out of them.

I originally discovered this with mail order students. Because they are coming to me from afar – they listen better.

A guru is a fool in his own house.

The mail order students do it all, practically to the letter.

I have these guys ON supplements 72 hrs. and OFF supplements for 72 hrs.

They get magnificent progress.

I have a lot harder time getting anyone in my gym to follow that.

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  1. I’m curious about this concept – Is there any more info?

    Only other thing I’ve read that’s similar:

    Vince, I take all the diet supplements that are needed for building super muscle size such as protein powders, vitamins and minerals, but I am still not achieving the progress that I feel I couldbe making. Your advice would be welcome.

    A: I feel you shouldn’t take supplements more than five days in a row. A brief rest of two days to detoxify and then you can go back to them. In this way the body will grab all the nutrients when they are available without super saturating and over toxifying.

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