You’ve Got To Finish Your Workout

In training you can’t expect the best gains if you have trouble getting through your workout; so I’m sure you are interested in endurance in relation to your training. Desiccated liver is very important when it comes to obtaining increased endurance levels.

Benjamin H. Ershoff, Ph.D, performed an experiment with rats in order to test an anti-fatigue diet. He had an idea that there is something in liver that might produce energy. He used 3 gr0vps of rats feeding them for 12 weeks as much as they wanted of 3 different diets:

Group I – ate – basic diet. fortified with 9 synthetic and 2 natural vitamins.
Group 2 – ate the same diet with added B complex.
Group 3 – ate the same diet, but instead of B, 10% desiccated liver was added.

The outcome: Group 1 had little growth while group 2 experienced a little higher rate of growth. The third group grew about 15 per cent more than group one.

Another test was given for fatigue. The rats were placed into a drum of water from which they could not escape. They had to keep swimming or drown.

Group 1 lasted about 13 minutes. For group 2 there was little difference. But group 3 lasted much longer, most still swimming at the end of a 2 hour period. The rats that had received desiccated liver could swim almost 10 times as long as the others, without becoming exhausted.

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

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