When Did Vince Gironda Start Training?

Young Vince Gironda

When did you first find out about bodybuilding Vince?

Did you do any sports as a youngster?

How did you get into training the stars and how are you currently training yourself?

Please excuse all these questions, but I am anxious to know the answers.

I didn’t get into hard core bodybuilding until I was 20.

Before that I was into pole vaulting, shot putting (in which I set records) and swimming (Buster Crabbe got me interested in this).

I was always physically aware even as a youngster and one day I decided I wanted to build a big chest, so I would run for hours across fields and sand, thinking that the deep breathing would build my chest.

(I remember beating my parents at one time over a two mile stretch, and they were driving a car!)

One crazy thing I would do would be to place an inner tube around my midsection while running in sand, to eliminate belly breathing. I thought this might deepen my chest. This I do not currently recommend to anyone.

Because my father was a horse trainer and stuntman, I was brought up around the Hollywood film scene and hence I became a trainer to the stars. Almost every macho film star has trained at Vince’s at one time or another.

Currently I am hitting the workouts really hard with Erik Estrada who is preparing for a new film project.

We work six different exercises for abs for example, non stop, one hundred reps each, and results are showing up great!

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