What About Sidebends?

Vince, how can I work my obliques without adding size to them, especially at the sides? Should I do the side bend? I thought I read somewhere that you were against the performance of side bends.

No, never do side bends which will thicken your waist.

I recommend you do front bends. Hold a dumbell in your right hand, holding it behind your right leg. Now bend forward to the left, working the front of the left oblique.

Switch hands to work the right oblique.

Do 5 sets of 12-15 reps.

Follow this advice and you will work your obliques without adding unwanted waist width.

  1. Does anyone have a sketch or a video for Front Bends?
    Tried them last night and it felt awkward. Wasn’t sure that I was doing them correctly.

    1. Make sure you hold the (rather heavy) dumbbell behind the opposing leg of the side you’re working, with a STRAIGHT, STIFF ARM, and think of the movement as a sort of “verticle crunch” .

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